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Holcombe Press is a modern micro publisher with traditional values based in the heart of the West Pennine Moors.

The company has its roots in magazine publishing and in the Environmental sector. The director (Alex) a former chef started in publishing in 1998 selling advertising in trade publications for the security and health and safety sector before relocating to Manchester in 2000 and working as a sales executive for Sustain Magazine, the leading environmental business to business publication of its time. During this time, he began to network more and more with clients, ensuring that their news stories were published and that their editorial needs were met. He also had the opportunity to travel to industry trade fairs and conferences which helped increase his knowledge and develop a wide interest across all aspects of the environmental industries.

After Sustain magazine Alex worked as a freelance environmental consultant and facilitator for a number of clients. This led to him going to university as a mature student to gain a degree in Environmental Management at The University of Manchester.

Armed with his degree he was employed by Network Media Group in 2005 to develop and launch a new publication to target the environment sector, and thus Environment UK was born.

Alex continued working on the magazine as editor until the financial crash of 2008 when the advertising industry was hit hard and he was unfortunately made redundant.

He then took the opportunity to set his own company Enviromedia Limited and launched Environment Industry Magazine which became a leading publication in the environmental sector.

Environment Industry Magazine was one of the most respected environment publications with a reputation for prioritising editorial coverage over advertising and for publishing the highest quality content.

In 2012 the company took on a new co-director and changed its name to Blooglobe Ltd, this took the company in a new direction with more of an eye on digital publishing.

In 2014 Alex was diagnosed with a serious heart condition and stepped down from Blooglobe Ltd to pursue some personal projects.

 (Unfortunately, under new direction the publication only continued being published for a few months before sadly closing.)

After leaving Environment Industry Magazine, Alex set a small imprint publishing company Hygge Media and published “Stabilisation and Solidification of Contaminated Soil and Waste: Science and Practice” an industry guide to soil stabilisation and solidification. And “The Toss of a Coin: Voices from a Modern Crisis” by Rory O’Keeffe, a book covering the refugee crisis in Libya partly through the authors experience and partly through the stories of people involved.

Shortly after these books were published in 2016 Alex underwent open heart surgery, due to severe complications he took 12 months out from work, He then set up Holcombe Press Ltd to work on some new books and launch Remediation Magazine a trade publication to the contaminated land and water sector. After the first issue he suffered clinical depression caused by medication and took a further 12 month sabbatical.

Now having recovered (finally) from the traumas of the past 4 years, Alex is focusing on Holcombe Press Limited. Holcombe Press still owns the HyggeMedia imprint and is working on some new specialist book titles.

The Holcombe Press Brand is about to publish an amazing children’s book called “The Happiness Tree” written by Danny English and Illustrated by the fantastic Miriam Hull. We are also developing a horror-drama book called “Trembleath” written by Ruth Shedwick, due to be published in 2019.

Holcombe Press also owns the intellectual property for Environment Industry Magazine which is being reborn as an online resource called the Environment Hub, which will support a range of environmental industry related websites including Remediation Magazine which has now moved online and rebranded as Remediation Hub.  

Watch this space for developments!

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